Features: Ted's Fishing Station

Ted's Fishing Station
~ Ted's Dream ~
143 Bayside Drive
Point Lookout 
(516) 431-4193

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Gas Station, Skiffs for Rent, Boat Dock, 
Bait & Tackle, Snack Stand, 

"It's a hobby for me" is how Ted Wondsel, owner of Ted's Fishing Station, describes his business. It's also his passion. Ted got his Safe Boating Certificate at age 9, so that he could boat from home, Oceanside, to his Grandmother Feller's house in Point Lookout. After moving to Point Lookout at age 14, he worked as a 'dock boy' at Scotty's. There he learned to rebuild boat motors, among other things. He was also responsible for 'managing' the other dock boys - Chris McGrath, Bob Burke, and Mark Donahue.

Ted married Point Lookout girl Sue Burkard almost 20 years ago (on August 15, 1981 to be exact). They knew each other for years as friends, then started dating after a fun night at the Bay House. After they married, they moved upstate to join the Feller family business, which was building scenery for Broadway shows.  But they always returned to Point Lookout in the summer. The pool in the backyard upstate couldn't replace the ocean and bay in Point Lookout!

In 1992, after Ted started working at Radio City Music Hall, the family returned to the Point. Ted's 'day job' is Assistant Property Manager there.

Together Ted and Sue bought the Fishing Station in May 1999. It's open every morning at 6:00 a.m. They sell gas at the dock and bait, tackle and food at the snack bar.  The big draw are the great skiffs for rent. For Ted the best thing about the station is the customers. "People have been coming here for years. They came with their fathers, now they bring their sons." 

In the last two years Ted and Sue have worked hard to improve the station, with help from friend Greg Goldberg.  The biggest improvement is the extended dock. 

The whole family contributes to running the Station. Sue runs the store, Ted runs the dock, and Ted's Dad supervises everyone. Ted's oldest TG "wouldn't mind" running the business some day.

Ted's favorite part of the work day is the morning. The other day, at 6:00 a.m., "I saw porpoises swimming close to the dock." But we all know that the best time of day on the bay is the evening when the sun is setting. At that time, you can find Ted, at the station, sitting on his dock just taking it all in.

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